Friday, May 25, 2012

Come On In ~ Thanks For Visiting

"Your Word has given me life."
Psalm 119:50

Welcome to those of you visiting for the first time after reading my lil' article "Why Is My Raincoat 'Dry Clean Only'?" in the June 2012 P31 Woman magazine.  I am humbled and delighted that you would stop by.

The table has become a precious place for me.  A place where I meet with the Lord in His Word and in prayer, where I quietly sing my praises and share my rejoicing, and where I desperately display my brokenness and need before Him.

I invite you to read my Table Testimony so you have a glimpse into why the table has become so precious to me.  It's a testimony of His love and His desire to dwell with me...with YOU... with us.

So pull up a chair, kick off your shoes and enjoy your favorite refreshment.  I pray you are blessed by your visit, and I hope you'll come by often.  Take a moment to sign my guest book by leaving a comment.  It would be a pleasure to come visit you too!  (I'll bring dessert!)

"I am convinced that the one chief cause why some do not grow more in grace is that they do not take time to hold inward communion with the Lord.  Spiritual truth does not become our possession at once.  Although I understand what I read, although I consent heartily to it, although I receive it as truth, it may speedily fade away and be forgotten unless by private meditation I give it time to become fixed and rooted in me, to become united and identified with me.

Christians, give your Lord time to transfer His heavenly thoughts to your inner, spiritual life.  When you have read a portion, set yourselves in silence before God.  Take time to remain before Him until He has made His Word living and powerful in your souls.  Then it becomes the vitality and power of your life."

~Andrew Murray (The Lord's Table)

"You shall be filled at My table..."
Ezekiel 39:20